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When clients come to Mercury they know they can rely on our knowledge and experience to deliver exactly what they need, including lubricants and adhesives for highly specialised applications.

We can also match OEM specifications from the lubricants we hold in stock. If you need industrial lubricant or adhesive products you can trust and delivery you can rely on, then you need to get in touch with Mercury today.

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    Shell Lubricants Authorised Distributor

    Being one of a handful of trusted and approved distributors of Shell Lubricants within the UK, we offer enhanced levels of access to technical support, product insight, and service.

    Through our central lubricants warehousing facility we have invested heavily in developing stock profiles across the entire Shell Lubricants portfolio. You can be confident when purchasing a Shell-branded product from us it is both 100% genuine and competitively priced.

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    The Complete Range

    • Shell Corena - Compressor oils
    • Shell Diala - Electrical oils
    • Shell Gadus - Greases
    • Shell Morlina - Circulating oils
    • Shell Mysella - Gas engine oils
    • Shell Omala - Gear oils
    • Shell Risella X - Process oils
    • Shell Spirax - Transmission oils
    • Shell Tellus - Hydraulic oils
    • Shell Tonna - Slideway oils
    • Shell Turbo - Turbine oils
    • Shell Helix - Engine oils
    • Shell Rimula - Heavy duty engine oil
    • Shell Tixophalte - Bitumen sealant

    Product Range Includes


    • Hydraulic oils
    • Industrial gear oils
    • Compressor oils
    • Slideway oils
    • Turbine oils


    • Multi-functional oils
    • Industrial machine oils
    • Heat transfer oils
    • Cutting fluids
    • Mould release oils


    • Quenching oils
    • Rust preventatives
    • Gas engine oils
    • Performance greases
    • Antifreeze


    • Agricultural oils
    • Heavy duty diesel engine oils
    • Automotive engine oils
    • Gear and transmission oils
    • Maintenance sprays

    Our supply partners
    Mercury are key distributors for a host of leading lubricant manufacturers

    Mercury Lubrication Supply And Services

    Why Choose Mercury?

    Genuine Products

    We only stock products which are 100% genuine and supplied by leading name manufacturers.

    Competitive Pricing

    Our leading position in the industry enables us to drive cost savings which we pass on through our competitive prices.



    The size and scope of the stock we carry means that we can promise to provide the items you need, exactly when and where you need them.


    Our international contacts enable us to track down the rare and specialist items our clients often need.


    If we aren’t carrying a product in stock and can’t source it then we call on our hand-picked manufacturing partners to craft bespoke solutions.

    Cost Savings

    Our industry knowledge and expertise mean that we can provide solutions that work to extend the life of equipment, reduce downtime, increase efficiency and cut costs.

    Technical Support

    Our branches are staffed by expert professionals with decades of industry experience.

    Stock Management

    We’ve developed sophisticated stock management solutions which mean that we can always get our hands on the items a client needs.

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    Mercury Bearings is now part of Hayley Group, The Home Of Engineering Essentials.

    Since 1976 Hayley Group have been one the UK’s foremost value-added suppliers of leading-brand engineering components, consumables, and related support services. Their and our purpose is to enable our customers to maintain operations, improve operational efficiencies, and better protect the safety of personnel.

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