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Facilities management is a highly specialised field which demands in-depth knowledge across all parts of the supply chain. Clients know that the team at Mercury bring a wealth of experience in sales and engineering allied to in-depth knowledge of HVAC, ductwork and lagging, as well as CHW pump sets.

We have the expertise, know-how and hands-on experience needed to deliver facilities management services for a wide range of commercial buildings in Central London and Southern England.

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    AHU Refurbishment and Repair

    A question we are often asked is, should we repair or replace our AHU? In many cases we would suggest repair or refurbishment works better than full replacement.


    The drive for higher efficiency, amongst other things, has led to the new generation of air handling units being larger, more bulky than existing equipment. This can make getting these new units to site difficult, and installation once there difficult. Often, AHU’s are located in small confined spaces or on the roof. Trying to get the bulkier new units in can be difficult and costly, so Mercury can repair or refurbish your units.

    A key benefit of refurbishing your existing unit is we can still upgrade to include the latest, most efficient technology to improve the entire system within your building. This can prove more cost effective than replacing old for new.

    We can, of course, supply new if that is the best option. Let us survey your site and we can give you the best advice for your unique needs.

    Coil Replacement and Repair

    Here at Mercury we offer a wide range of coil services. Our expertise runs from the repair and replacement of parts to the full design and manufacture of new exchangers.

    The types of coils mercury can repair include:

    • Fan coils

    • Frost coils

    • DX coils

    • Fin coils

    • Covering condenser coils.

    Lagging and Insulation For Your Premises

    A critical factor in maintaining an efficient and reliable heating and cooling system in your building is the management of water. Water in the wrong form can be devastating.

    One type of 'wrong water' is ice. If water in the pipework is allowed to freeze it will expand. If it expands too much, it can cause fractures in the pipework or blow joints.

    The other type of wrong water is condensation. Condensation occurs when water molecules in the air present as vapour hit a cold surface and can turn to liquid water. In the wrong environment, this can lead to corrosion of your pipework resulting in a failure of the entire system.

    To prevent the wrong type of water affecting your cooling and heating system, Mercury provide a full installation service to lag and insulate your pipework. Insulation can help to prevent the freezing problem, and lagging your pipework can help stop condensation, and therefore corrosion, attacking the pipes in your ventilation system.

    Our team of installers will use the most appropriate insulation and lagging material for your requirements, including VentureClad and PIB rubber sheeting, in compliance with current BS 5422:2009 standards.

    Give us a call, or leave some details below and we can arrange a site visit to discuss your needs.

    Mercury Ductwork Services

    Ductwork forms a critical element of the ventilation system. The purpose of ductwork in a typical ventilation system is to distribute air, either warmed air or cooled air, around the building.

    Ductwork can also be used for dust and fume extraction. In essence, ductwork forms the highways of air movement within a building.

    To maximise the efficiency of any heating or cooling system, or for extraction purposes, it is important that ductwork is installed correctly, is matched to the AHU used in the building, is free from leaks and has tight fittings to joints.

    Whilst ductwork does not have to be replaced every time an AHU is changed, it is recommended that after 15 – 20 years, new ductwork is installed in a building.

    Mercury can repair your existing ductwork to ensure it works efficiently with the existing or new AHUs, or we can replace the entire system. We can advise you on the best solution for your needs.

    Our services include:


    • Ductwork repairs
    • Ventilation design and advice
    • Office / Factory / Industrial Ventilation
    • Fume extraction

    Ducting we provide includes:


    • Galvanised
    • Aluminium
    • Stainless Steel
    • Polypropylene
    • Fire Resistant

    Call us or use the Request A Quotation form to arrange a site visit for our best advice.

    The Enhanced Safety Offered by Fire Stopping, Fire Doors and Dampers

    There are few things which matter more to our clients than the health and well-being of their employees, and that’s why they come to Mercury for their passive fire stopping requirements.

    Once measures of this kind are built into the fabric of a building they work to protect the people working there and minimise the financial impact of any fires which do occur.

    Not only is passive fire stopping a necessary measure, it is also a statutory requirement, as detailed in ‘Approved Document B’ (2010) – Building Regulations and the regulatory reform (Fire Safety) Order (2005), which states that ‘any person who has some level of control of the premises (responsible person) must take reasonable steps to reduce the risk from fire and make sure people can safely escape if there is a fire’.

    The team at Mercury work with clients from all sectors to ensure that the passive fire systems they rely on are fit for purpose. We do this via surveys of properties followed by the installation of a new system or the upgrading of an existing system.

    The action taken by Mercury could include the following:

    • Adding fire protection to the frame of a building
    • Installing fire-resistant doors
    • Installing compartment walls and doors
    • Installing fire-resistant doors and hardware
    • Fitting suspended ceilings
    • Installing fire-resistant glazing
    • Installing fire doors and other hardware
    • Fitting industrial fire curtains
    • Building fire-resistant shafts and stairwells
    • Installing the fire-resistant dampers – either mechanical or intumescent – for use in horizontal or vertical air distribution ducts
    • Installing fire-resistant ductwork
    • Installing fire-resistant service ducts and shafts
    • Installing linear gap seals
    • Installing penetration seals for pipes, cables and other services
    • Fitting cavity barriers
    • Installing fire-resistant air transfer grilles, in either mechanical or intumescent form
    • Applying fire-reactive coatings
    • Installing hydrocarbon structural fire protection systems
    • The Mercury compliance services personnel tasked with delivering our passive fire stopping measures are all experts in the field, being NVQ qualified and Firas or IFSM accredited.

    The Air Intake Screens You Need, When You Need Them

    Mercury specialises in the supply and manufacture of a range of air intake screens, as utilised across many industrial applications.

    The screens we design and manufacture offer a high tech, re-usable enhancement to any disposable filter already in place, boosting the efficiency of your systems through increased filtration.

    It doesn’t matter what kind of air-shifting plant you rely on, Mercury offer a one-stop shop for your intake protection needs, through manufacture and installation. The replacement screen we supply is unique, can be washed and is guaranteed to function for five years. Once they are in place our air intake screens will reduce the maintenance requirements of your plant and equipment, saving both time and money, at the same time as lowering energy costs.

    Contact us today and a member of our team will explain exactly what our air intake filter screens could do for you and your business.

    Intake Screen 2
    Intake Screen 2

    Why Choose Mercury?

    Genuine Products

    We only stock products which are 100% genuine and supplied by leading name manufacturers.

    Competitive Pricing

    Our leading position in the industry enables us to drive cost savings which we pass on through our competitive prices.



    The size and scope of the stock we carry means that we can promise to provide the items you need, exactly when and where you need them.


    Our international contacts enable us to track down the rare and specialist items our clients often need.


    If we aren’t carrying a product in stock and can’t source it then we call on our hand-picked manufacturing partners to craft bespoke solutions.

    Cost Savings

    Our industry knowledge and expertise mean that we can provide solutions that work to extend the life of equipment, reduce downtime, increase efficiency and cut costs.

    Technical Support

    Our branches are staffed by expert professionals with decades of industry experience.

    Stock Management

    We’ve developed sophisticated stock management solutions which mean that we can always get our hands on the items a client needs.

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